About SB Furniture

We are all about creating a happy home and providing a lifetime of good memories. We value your passion and dream of having a beautiful home and we know how important it is to achieve it.

Our inspiration always starts with you. The concept of your dream home is our motivation in creating every furniture piece and collection. Because it is our goal to have your dream space come to life.

In order to provide you the best furniture piece, we ensure that each product we cater is equipped with the right design, quality, durability and price. Because we care for you and your loved ones, we made sure that all our products are with an E1 seal. That means every furniture piece is eco & health friendly.

We value every worth you spend in our furniture pieces. In line with this, we aim that every move in to your new home becomes easier and faster with our Interior Layout Consultation, assembly & installation and fast delivery service. With the help of our passion driven and highly creative Design Specialist and Technical Specialists, we want to help you transform your bare space into your dream home in an instant.


Moving in to your new home has never been that easy with SB